The Ultimate Arm

The Ultimate Arm Profile View AJK Grips Australia
The Ultimate Arm AJK Grips Australia

Vehicle Specs

Audi Q7 400HP/1000NM Twin Turbo 7 seater Rego NBS-32N

The Ultimate Arm Semi-Trailer

Rego                                                CH-24-HZ

Trailer Rego                                     TB-47-YU

Hino 500: Length 50ft/15m Tailgate down 65ft/20m With car out allow 100ft/30m

Width 8ft/2.4m          Height 14'6"/4,3m

The Ultimate Arm Specs

Boom Length                               14ft/4.26m (std length) 13'8"/4.16m lens height

18ft/5.48m = 17ft/5.18m 

Boom Rotation                             360x3

360˚ rotation                               4.5sec

Pan Speed                                   70ft per sec

Tilt Speed                                    70ft per sec

Tilt Range                                    120˚

Max Payload                                 220lbs/100kg

Crane Weight                               750lbs/340kg

Stabilization                                 tilt axis

Min Lens Height                           -10ft

Max Lens Height                           17ft/5.18m

Min Height Clearance                    10'6"/3.2m

Max Vehicle Speed                        120mph/200kph

Operating Temp                           -30f to +130f/-34c to 54c

Power Supply                                DC

Power Supplies                             12v/24v/30v

Crane Balance                              Counter balance with own batteries

The Edge Arch Head 2.0 Specs

Remote Controlled                         Yes

3 Axis Gyro Stabilised                     Yes

Auto Horizon/Vertical Gyro              4.5sec

Pan Speed                                    yes

Camera Types                               Any Camera: Film, HD, 3D, Stills

Lens Type                                     Any, Including Long Zoom, Master Zoom

Mounting Base                              Mitchell

Operator Options                           Joystick or Wheels

Power Supply                                DC Power is Supplied

Operating Tempreture                   -30f to +130f / -35c to 54c

Max Camera Weight                       150lb/68kg

Max Operational Speed                  120mps/200kph

Stabilisation Specs                         Up to 500mm Lens

Head Weight                                 65lb/30kg

Internal Tiltframe Width                  12' 6"/3.81m

Pan Range                                    360deg

Tilt Range                                    +90/-190deg

Roll/Dutch Range                          +/- 40deg

Optional Accessories

Shaker Mode

Tracker Module (eliminates need to back pan)

Spray Deflector

Multi-Camera Array Bracket

Still Camera Mount Bracket

Wireless System for Remote Operation

(range up to 1.6 km Line of Sight)

Vibration Isolator (UFO)